Marketing Programs for Emerging Technology

Driving predictable pipeline growth and brand awareness is our strength. We Assess, Build and Measure end-to-end marketing programs that help our clients accelerate customer acquisition and increase market awareness.


The foundation for building a successful marketing program that will increase growth and profit begins with assessing the factors that impact your sales and marketing organization both internally and externally. At this stage it is important to understand customer needs, challenges and preferences as well as the market and competitive landscape. This will be the base from which a scalable program will be built with content and messaging that will drive engagement across all segments of your audience. For an organization or business unit focused on an emerging technology this all the more important as the main competition can be unseating the status quo. A strong foundation is built via:


  • Market and Competitive Research - Further understand the addressable market for your solution and how your brand can capture points of differentiation to be more compelling than the competition.

  • Audience Personas and Ideal Customer Profile Development - Through developing an understanding of your solution and value proposition we can identify target buyer personas and construct ICPs that will allow us to build engaging content and messaging.

  • Client Journey Assessment - Using historical data, client interviews, market surveys as well as other quantitative and qualitative research methods we can better understand who is involved in making purchase decisions and what motivates them to buy.

  • Content Audit - After mapping your buyers journey, relevant content is needed to educate and nurture prospects at each stage of the journey. We will analyze blogs, whitepapers, info-graphics, case studies, etc., for relevance and quality. Each asset will then be assigned the most appropriate stage of the journey to be shared with prospects.

  • Marketing Channel Analysis - An assessment of what channels your organization is currently utilizing to engage prospects. Understand what channels have yielded the most and least success as well as uncover opportunities within new channels. Evaluate what KPIs are currently being tracked and build a comprehensive plan to track metrics across all channels. 



Through developing a deep understanding of the market, competitive landscape and what drives buyers to purchase, we can build a program to engage prospects with relevant content and messaging, accelerating them through their buyer journey. Our programs incorporate an integrated, multi-channel, multi-touch strategy that identifies and targets the right audience at the right time with messaging specific to them.


The results and impact of the executed plan will be realized both outside as well as inside of your organization. Externally expect an increased brand awareness that positions your brand as highly differentiated within your market when compared to the competition. Internally the benefits go far beyond increased growth, profit and decreased customer acquisition cost. Realized will also be a clearly defined set of goals, strategy, and a mission that will create visibility among company leadership and business units as well as instill confidence among investors. Services we provide to build a successful program include:


  • Marketing Plan Development and Implementation - Establish baselines and develop program objectives that are aligned with your organization’s revenue and growth goals. This includes building messaging, content, and processes that will prove most successful, in addition to assembling the right team and technologies to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Account Selection - We leverage data and predictive analytics to better understand what companies have a higher likelihood of buying.

  • Account and Contact Curation - Analyze, cleanse, and build a complete data profile of your existing customer base. Apply the insights from the predictive models to build target account lists of companies that share a similar data profile as well as identify and collect data on all of the pertinent decision makers at those target accounts.

  • Messaging and Positioning - Utilize established Audience Personas and ICPs to develop messaging specific to marketing channel and the role of the decision maker targeted. Positioning will be highly focused on establishing points of differentiation to separate from the competition.

  • Outbound and Inbound Lead Generation - Prioritizing the account profiles we have identified as most likely to buy we run personalized outbound sales and marketing campaigns engaging decision makers and generate qualified opportunities. Use information uncovered during the buyer journey assessment and audience persona development to engage and convert inbound leads.

  • Marketing Program Management - We are an extension of your organization, overseeing outbound and inbound marketing resources while also looking to provide strategic insights and analysis. Additionally we'll deploy the necessary sales and marketing technology to successfully execute the program.

  • Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing - Use the marketing resources at our disposal to quickly scale up or down marketing programs and/or projects more cost effectively.


The landscape surrounding emerging technology is ever changing and therefore it is important to be proactive by adapting to new trends, channels, and technologies to support your marketing program. Taking a data-driven approach to everything we do means we’re constantly measuring key performance indicators and making the necessary adjustments to improve program performance.


  • Funnel Diagnostics - Improve and optimize marketing and sales efforts by reviewing the sales funnel. We work with your team to gather real-time feedback on lead quality. This provides actionable insight that can be used to improve processes, messaging or content during different stages of the sales funnel to move opportunities along.

  • Reporting and Insights - We use predetermined KPIs to generate in-depth reports providing insight into performance and the overall effectiveness of the marketing program. This includes analyzing engagement across different buyer personas and market segments as well as refining messaging, outreach approaches and running A/B tests to drive improvement across KPIs.

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